MUSIC PLAZA CD <strong>이은미 Lee, Eunmi | 순수-the Best Pop Songs & Gayo</strong><br/>
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이은미 Lee, Eunmi | 순수-the Best Pop Songs & Gayo

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CD1/아/름/다/운/감/성/의/ POP /모/음/집
01. Love Is Our Strength
02. Antonio's Song
03. Open Arms
04. Evertime You Go Away
05. Desperado
06. How Am I Supposed To Live Without You
07. Rithg Here Waiting
08. I Will Always Love You
09. Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You
10. If
11. Killing Me Softly With His Song
12. I'll Be Over You
13. You Light Up My Life
14. Just Once
15. Ben
16. The Greatest I Love Of All
17. Saving All My Love For You
18. The Rose

CD2/아/름/다/운 /감/성/의 /히/트/가/요/모/음/집
01. 어떤그리움
02. 기억속으로
03. 거리에 뿌린 추억
04. 그댈 위한 이 노래
05. 외면
06. 이제야 돌아온 그대
07. 그리움에 대하여
08. 이별이 슬프지 않을 때까지
09. Blue Fillter
10. 흐려진 기억들
11. 언젠가 너에게
12. 변해가는 모습들
13. 추억에 젖어
14. 빛의 거리 속에
15. 희미한 기억은 달빛을 타고
16. 지울 수 없는 마음

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4654 reviews
I was waiting for this!

Since I am 5th Gen of Ahgases and I couldn't attend like other years because i don't live in korea or have the money. I saw what they were going to do for this gen and I was excited but sad. I saw what they did and I was waiting so badly for the DVD to come out. When i finally saw it, I was blown away but not only such an amazing content. If you are an ahgase or fan you should get it, is worth it.

In Love!!

I was searching for this in many pages but the shipping was too much. Finally got it and I am so happy, the photos are amazing, is big and the content of the DVD is wow. You don't only get behind the scenes but actually questions to him to know how is he feeling now. I love that it also has 3 photo cards like what you get on GOT7 cds.

Love it!

I was attracted by the type of music he was going with with the teasers. I know about The Rose for along time but I wasn't it to it because it was too slow paste for me. I really loved this cd and made me love the music of The Rose and appreciated it. Now I am a fan not only of Woosung but also of The Rose music.


It was amazing loved it!!!!

love nct

I bought the taeil version and it came very quick very happy with the purchase and the photos are beautiful!