How Can We Help?

General and Account Help

How do I sign up for rewards?

Music Plaza has a rewards system so customers can collect M Points and redeem them for future order discounts. Please refer to the M Points page on our website, available on the top of the page. 

Please note that orders that are made without accounts are not eligible for any M Points, nor can be transferred into accounts. 

I want to change my account information

If you wish to change your email, phone number, address, or any personal information on your account, please email our support team at support@musicplaza.com. Our team will change it on our side. Please note that these information cannot be changed on your side.

I placed an order with Guest Checkout

All orders placed via guest checkout cannot be transferred into an account. All updates in regards to your order will be sent to the listed Email or Phone number as normal, but will not show up on your account.

Where can I put special instructions?

Our special notes / instructions box is located in our CARTS page next to the checkout button on desktop mode, and on top of the checkout button on mobile mode. 

Who can I contact for help?

All online inquiries can be sent to support@musicplaza.com

Please make sure to send your order number if applicable. 

We also have a chat system on the bottom right of our page. We will get back to you within a few hours (within business hours).

Please note that DMing our social media or calling our local store will lead to minimal or no support, since our online orders are solely managed by our main office customer support team. 


What are your online business hours?

Our customer support team is active 

Mon-Fri 9:00AM - 5:00PM PST

Most emails are replied within 1-2 business days. If we do not get back to you within that time, feel free to send us another email! 

Orders and Payments

Where is my order?

Most orders will be processed the next day but can take up to 4 business days, and will be packaged for delivery. You will receive an automated tracking notice email when it is ready to be sent.

** Large order volumes can cause unexpected delays**

How can I adjust my order/address?

Customers are unable to adjust order after it has been processed; we can only do this from our end.

Please provide us with your order number, old address, and new address to support@musicplaza.com.

We will change your shipping address for you. 

*If you have placed an order that is ready to be shipped and does not contain preordered items, they are already in processing and cannot be guaranteed to be changed. We ask that you get back to us as soon as possible so we can change the address before the order is packed and labeled. *

How can I cancel my order?

All cancelled orders will be charged a 15% restocking fee after a grace period.

Please guarantee that you are sure you wish to make a purchase for an item.

A 48-hour grace period will be provided, and if you wish to cancel the order within the time frame (from the time of purchase, as long as it did not ship out), there will be no re-stocking fee.

Please keep in mind that our processing time can range anywhere from a few hours up to 4 business days. 

If your order already gets shipped, your order cannot be cancelled. 

All cancellation requests must be sent to support@musicplaza.com.

I was charged for my order but it didn't go through.

If you'd attempted to place an order and it did not go through, 

your bank account had attempted to place the transaction but failed to do so.

If you check on the statement, it will be marked as either pending or processing, and will disappear within a few hours.

There is no way we can double charge you, so no worries! 

I didn't get a confirmation number

If you did not receive a confirmation number, there are a few reasons to why that happens. 

1. You placed your order with an Express Checkout (Shop Pay, Amazon Pay, etc) and the order was placed with the email associated with that account, not your Music Plaza account. In cases like this, please make sure to check all your email addresses. 

2. You placed your order with a phone number, not an email. In cases like this, please check if you received a confirmation text message instead of a confirmation email. 

3. Your confirmation email was sent to your junk file. Please check your spam/junk files for your confirmation email if you are sure you used the same email address for your order.

If none of these apply to you, please email us your Full name, zip code, and phone number for the order you placed. We can look for your order manually. 

Can I request for my bias version/poster?

Due to the amount of orders daily, it is not always possible to fulfill bias requests, especially if album covers do not show any indication of individual member. Individual bias poster requests are more feasible, but also not guaranteed. However, feel free to leave a note when ordering as it does not hurt to try.


What are preorder benefits?

Pre-Order Benefits, or POB's, are inclusions in the album that are only included if you order the item before the Korean release date. This can vary from photo cards, postcards, stickers, or even posters. 

If there are any POB's that come with a product, it will specifically say so on the product details in the description.

If a POB is not inside the album but provided separately, we will list it on the title of the product. 

In cases like these, they can sell out before the Korean release date, so there will be a chance we remove that from the title. If your order confirmation does not state that there is a POB on the title, it may not be included.

Posters are only included 100% if it is a folded poster. If it is an unfolded poster that comes separately, you will need to purchase the ALBUM+POSTER option to receive it. If you order the ALBUM option, you will only receive the album and all the POB's that are inside the package. 

When will this item restock?

Please continue to check back on our website and social media as we continuously receive new shipments and information about restocks for items. 

Items that are limited edition and a one time press may not come back in stock. Examples of these are passed magazines and limited edition products.

Please sign up for restock notification email by clicking the "Email When Available" on the right side of the item page, so you are the first to know. 

Thank you for your interest.

Light Sticks

All Light Sticks are fully reviewed & inspected by Music Plaza's quality control team to ensure they are working properly. Due to this, they have been opened. A sticker stating so is on the packaging to ensure all customers are aware of this. 

All light sticks are final sale. 

Do not leave the batteries inside the light stick when not in use. Doing so may result in damage to the internal battery pack. 

Outer box damage is not eligible for any compensation. 


Do your sales count for Hanteo?

Yes. Music Plaza is a part of the Hanteo Family. 

All sales count for Hanteo, Circle, and Billboard. 

Are your posters shipped folded or unfolded?

All posters, unless stated otherwise, are shipped unfolded.

Our posters are all from the initial release from the albums. We receive them and put up extras for sale after the initial release time passes.

If you order a poster, it will be rolled into a vinyl sleeve, then into a mailing tube with bubble wrap.

If your order contains more than 10 posters, there is a chance it will ship in a box, not a tube. 

Where is my poster?

Posters will only come in preorders if you chose the Album + Poster Option, either as the version choice in the options menu or if it is posted on a separate website posting.

You will know the preorder comes with a poster if it's specifically stated in the title/product description and the shipping costs will be slightly higher due to the whole package being shipped together in a large box.

If you did not purchase the poster with your order, many posters are posted up for sale separately after all preorders have gone out, so you can place a new order for it separately.

My item is defected internally/missing items! What should I do?

We kindly ask all customers who receive their parcels to film unboxing videos of their items from start to finish in order to ensure the best quality control we can have.

Please make sure you film yourself opening the products as your own proof in case you did not receive a photo card or any other inclusions that were supposed to be inside said product.

If you happen to see that you are indeed missing an inclusion, please send us the video file with your order number, and our customer support will gladly help you. Music Plaza cannot be liable for any missing or damaged inclusions, since we cannot check those before shipment, and is beyond our control.

We would like to let you know that any missing items cannot be redeemed without your video proof. Please make sure you film the video starting from before the plastic wrap is ripped.

The outer box for an item is for protection, and is only made for the real products inside the package. Although we do have a quality control team that checks all items before shipping out, Music Plaza cannot be responsible for minor scratches and bents made during transit from Korea to our facilities here in Los Angeles.

As we receive and send our albums completely sealed, we cannot tell how it is like inside. There are rare cases when there are defects and missing items due to production and distribution in Korea, but we resend items based on exterior. Please send pictures and email us at support@musicplaza.com and we will work on resolving your order.

Will I get my light stick in time for my concert?

Being a KPOP Shop, we are aware of concerts and such and the importance of getting items before specific times. We prioritize those cases so customers will receive their items as soon as possible. We can never 100% guarantee delivery dates since shipping is beyond our control. We always recommend using a higher shipping method for deliveries to ensure it reaches you sooner rather than later. Store pickup is recommended for those who are visiting LA around that time. 

Does this album come with photocard, etc. inside?

We cannot always tell, but most likely they will. However, there may be cases when photocards/etc. are no longer given in certain older albums due to stopped printing from Korean manufacturers/not first press.

Why does my order not have a poster?

Posters are only included if the customer specifically places the order for an album + poster. 

To start, there are two types of posters. A folded and unfolded. Many albums have an unfolded poster. These are provided separately. 

A folded poster is inside the album. Normally, it will say so on the album details that is it folded, or in the album details, there would be a crease mark on the poster showing that they are folded. 

A folded poster is guaranteed since Music Plaza does not open albums. If they are a first press or preorder benefit, they will no longer be guaranteed once the Korean release date passes. 

An unfolded poster is only included if the customer adds the option to their order.

When adding the album to the cart, there will be an option of just 'album' and 'album+poster'.

Due to the poster having to be shipped in a tube, we do charge a bit more and more shipping for this option.

If you did not order the poster, they will most likely be available for sale after the preorder period ends.

Store Pickup / Store Stock

What is in-store pickup?

If you are local to the Los Angeles area and want to avoid shipping, you can choose the option to pick up your item in-store. There is no charge. You will be sent an email notification that your order is ready, so please make sure to provide your email. Orders are held for up to 10 days, but please do reach out to us if you expect to not be able to pick it up within 1 week of receiving email notification.

When is my in-store pickup ready?

Most in-store pickup items are ready after 24 business hours and held for 10 days. You will receive an email from us when it is ready. Please feel free to call the store at 213-385-4725 to check the status in advance.

For preorders, you will receive a pick-up email as well.  

**If you are not able to pick it up within the period, we are able to accommodate within a reasonable time length as long as you let us know in advance. If you can no longer pick up, let us know and we can switch to shipping to your residence.

Do you have (requested item) at the local store?

Our online store and physical store in Koreatown are operated independently so for any inquiries about in-store stock, please feel free to call the store at 213-385-4725 or follow the store's instagram at @musicplaza_la

Can someone else pickup my order?

Yes! Please note the name of the person picking up in the special instructions section before purchasing, or email us at support@musicplaza.com with your order number and we can update the order for you. 

Store Pickup not available

Store Pickups are open for some items, depending on the store inventory.

If an item is in stock but does not appear to be available for pickup, it means it is not in stock in the store inventory. 

We keep two separate inventories for store pickups and online orders.  If you'd like to let us know what items you wish to purchase, you can and we can put them up for store stock if available.  Or, you can place the order and provide us with the order number, and we can waive the shipping fee you paid and send your order to the local store for pickup. This option is only available if you let us know within 24 hours. Please let us know.  


Delivered BUT not Received

I was notified for delivered package but not received.

If a package or item shows as "delivered" but you have not received it, here are a few steps you can take:

  1. Check the Delivery Details:
  • Confirm the delivery address to make sure it was sent to the correct location.
  • Check if the package was left with a neighbor or in a safe location. Sometimes, delivery personnel leave packages in inconspicuous spots to prevent theft.

Contact the Carrier:

  • Reach out to the shipping carrier (e.g., UPS, FedEx, USPS) to inquire about the delivery. They may have additional information on the delivery status or any specific notes from the delivery person.

Check with Household Members:

  • Ask other members of your household if they received the package or if it was left with them.

Track Package:

  • Use the tracking number provided by the carrier to check the detailed tracking information. This may give you insights into where the package was left or if there were any delivery exceptions.

Contact the Seller/Retailer:

  • If the item was purchased from a retailer, contact them and explain the situation. They may be able to assist you with tracking or initiate an investigation with the carrier.

File a Claim:

  • Some carriers allow you to file a claim for a lost or missing package. Check the carrier's website for information on their claims process.

Check Security Cameras:

  • If you have security cameras around your property, review the footage during the expected delivery time to see if the package was delivered and, if possible, what happened to it.

Notify Local Authorities:

  • In some cases, if the package was stolen, it may be necessary to report the incident to local law enforcement.

Remember to act promptly, as some carriers and retailers have specific timeframes within which you can report missing packages. Always check the specific policies of the carrier and the retailer you purchased the item from for guidance on how to proceed.

Shipping & Returns

When will my Preorder ship?

For new pre-order items, it will depend on release date and when the shipment arrives from Korea. Although an album might be released in Korea on a specific day, keep in mind that we have to wait for the shipment to arrive of pre-ordered albums from Korea from that day, which can take up to a week. We then process and sort through all preorders for delivery.

When you have a pre-order item in an order with another item that is already available, your entire order will be held until the pre-order item arrives and is in stock. 

One or more item in your order is still in preorder. Orders cannot be split.

When it is ready, you will receive automated tracking when it is physically processed. The shipping amount you pay covers for only one package together.

Do you ship internationally?

We do ship worldwide, but shipping costs and shipping time varies greatly depending on item size and quantity, such as between an album or a light stick. We offer international shipping by DHL, UPS, FedEx, and USPS. If you are interested, please feel free to check out and choose international shipping that applies to you. If there are any problems, we would contact you first. *For International shipping, we would like to let all our international customers know in advance that once the package is taken in by the courier,, we are not liable or responsible for any delivery problems once order is out of our access and handled by the courier, as long as correct address is provided by customers. All international orders will come with this tracking of when to expect it.

**Additionally, they may charge additional tax or import fees upon delivery to you, which is completely handled by them, as they calculate it themselves upon processing and delivery to you. These additional fees are not handled by us, nor within our knowledge since this is solely calculated and issued by the courier. Music Plaza is not responsible for the customs fees or any other extra fees charged.

My order is late, what do I do?

Please note that Processing times and Shipping times are two separate things. We will try to process all non-preorders within the next 48 hours, but it may take up to 3 business days.

During the checkout page, you will see multiple shipping options along with an estimated shipping time. This is only an estimate, and cannot be guaranteed unless you chose an expedited shipping rate, which is any of the following: 

  • USPS Priority EXPRESS 
  • UPS Next Day Air
  • UPS 2nd Day Air
  • UPS 3 Day Select
  • FedEx Express
  • FedEx Overnight
  • FedEx 2 Day

If a parcel is marked as "arriving late", unfortunately this is not something that Music Plaza has control over.

We are given a tracking number once the parcel has shipped and we provide that to the customer. After that, we no longer have any access nor control over the parcel that has been shipped out.

If you are curious as to when your parcel will be delivered to you, please contact the carrier you chose regarding this matter.

If your parcel has not updated in over 15 business days, we can file a missing mail search for you.

When am I eligible for free shipping?

Specific items will be qualified for free shipping, and it will specifically state in product description and/or title.

However, if your order contains items that do not have free shipping, shipping will apply to those items. The item with free shipping will not have shipping charges and will not contribute to your overall shipping charges. We may have promotions for free or discounted shipping. Pleas sign up for our newsletter for updates.

How can I return my item for an exchange or refund?

Light sticks and posters are non-refundable. 

If your order has the wrong item by our fault, please keep it unopened and let us know by email. Please send order number as well. We will work towards getting you the correct item or refund.

Our policy lasts 10 days. If 10 days have gone by since the date of delivery, unfortunately we can’t offer you a refund or exchange.

To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging.

If you email us and stop replying, there will be a 10 day limit of inactivity before your claim will be void. Please make sure to get back to us to resolve your issue asap. 

Several types of goods are exempt from being returned. Perishable goods such as light sticks, posters, newspapers, or magazines cannot be returned. We also do not accept products that are intimate or sanitary goods, hazardous materials, or flammable liquids or gases.

Additional non-returnable items:

Gift cards

Downloadable products

Some health and personal care items                                                          

Light Sticks (All the "Light Sticks" are fully reviewed & inspected by Music Plaza quality control team to make sure they are working properly.)

If you wish to return an item that you simply changed your mind about, you will need to let us know before sending it out back to us.

To start, there are a few things you must do for your order to be eligible for a refund.

Refunds are only eligible within 10 business days from the date of delivery.

If you wish to send back the item to us, you can send it back to us on your terms, for we cannot provide a return shipping label. Inside the return box you will need to return the paper invoice you received. If you wish to keep the invoice, you can also send us a copy of it. 

Please send the parcel back to us at 

Music Plaza

15721 S Western Ave

STE 200 

Gardena, CA 90247

Once your order arrives to us, we can examine it to see that it is 

  • Completely sealed and never opened (Please advise that the plastic sleeves that can be shut again is noticeable when opened before.)
  • Purchased from Music Plaza and not anywhere else 
  • Free of any sort of damages.

If we see that all these are clear, we can issue you a refund of the item only, not the initial shipping fee that you have paid.

When you do ship back the item to us, please make sure to put plenty of protection in the box you are sending out, and also tape the box nicely to prevent any possible dents and damages.

If a return does not meet the criteria for a refund, we will send the item back to you, free of charge. 

My item is damaged! What should I do?

All products are checked by our Quality Control Team before shipment.

We ask all customers who receive their parcels to film unboxing videos of their items from start to finish in order to ensure the best quality control we can have.

Missing or damaged inclusions are unfortunately beyond our control, but we will try our best to contact the distributors or manufacturers to see what we can do for you. 

Please make sure you film yourself opening the products as your own proof in case you did not receive a photo card or any other inclusions that were supposed to be inside said product.

If you happen to see that you are indeed missing an inclusion, please send us the video file with your order number, and our customer support will gladly help you.

We would like to let you know that any missing items cannot be redeemed without your video proof. Please make sure you film the video starting from before the plastic wrap is ripped.

The outer box for an item is for protection, and is only made for the real products inside the package. Although we do have a quality control team that checks all items before shipping out, Music Plaza cannot be responsible for minor scratches and bents made during transit from Korea to our facilities here in Los Angeles.

When we package orders, we ensure that it is safely wrapped and there is no external damage. We are not liable for damage caused by delivery services while in transit to you or internal defects by manufacturer. Please contact us for further inquiry.