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Gotta check out this group

I really love a.c.e so I pre-ordered this album. There's not a single song I don't like l and wouldn't hear constantly. (This is more than just fangirling, even if I love a group, I'm still picky about the songs, and won't listen to a certain song as much if I don't like it).
I got the album and poster duo. Shipping was really nice as well with plenty of bubble wrap and nicely secured, and the albums came quickly... Though the poster came about 2 weeks later... I don't know if that's because of what I asked for them though. They were packed nicely though, and a small little gift for ordering with music plaza was cute and I liked it.

Overall I'm really happy with this and keep listening to the songs over and over again. >.


I had the dreaming version already so I was very excited to see the reality version in stock and at a good price! Came fast without damage or anything missing! Yay!

Really good!

I was so excited that they had this in stock and for a good price! It came very quickly. I was very excited because it wasn't damaged at all! The packaging is very easy to damage but I was surprised to see it wasn't damaged in the slightest.


right when I saw that Ateez was coming back, I quickly went to buy the set version. It came way faster than I expected! That's good because i'm very impatient.....It was very well packaged and nothing was damaged or missing! I even got some freebies ;)