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모향 현악으로 듣는 한국가곡


임형주 Lim, Hyungjoo Silver Rain

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Great lightstick!

This lightstick was worth every penny. The colors are SO bright and it's truly a huge upgrade from TWICE's first lightstick. The battery does run out fairly quickly on this version though (I'd say it'll last you 2-3 days), so I'd suggest you have a fresh set of batteries on hand or don't have any batteries in them until you want to use it. Such a great purchase and is perfect for any TWICE fan. Super excited to use this as TWICELIGHTS in July!


I LOVE THIS ALBUM! every single song is amazing. my only gripe with it is that it would've been great to get more than one photocard. the postcard is very cute so at least we get that as well! i love the aesthetics of this album-- the whole thing is just a masterpiece.


i love this album SO MUCH every single song is amazing-- especially page and time out!! the photocards are so pretty but i am a little annoyed that we only get two with this album. other than that i have no complaints! the stickers are cute and the postcards are beautiful. my album was shipped quickly and arrived nicely packaged with cute freebies. THANK YOU SO MUCH! <3

Official and awesome!

Lucked out snagging one of these during a brief restock! Attending the Keeping Spinning show in Dallas, and I can't wait to use the ahgabong!!! Connected to the app, quick and easy!