MUSIC PLAZA CD VA/7080 추억여행 | 7080 추억여행-2CD
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VA/7080 추억여행 | 7080 추억여행-2CD

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&gt CD. 1
01. 내가 (김학래)
02. 행복 (이수만)
03. 일기 (둘다섯)
04. 고목나무 (장욱조)
05. 아득히 먼곳 (이승재)
06. 이름없는 새 (손현희)
07. 상처 (조용필)
08. 님그림자 (노사연)
09. 열애 (윤시내)
10. 야화 (사랑의 하모니)
11. 세노야 (최백호)
12. 작은 연인들 (이동원)
13. 보고싶은 얼굴 (최백호)
14. 물같은 사랑 (최혜영)
15. 밀려오는 파도소리에 (썰물)
16. 잊지는 말아야지 (백영규)
17. 어둠은 걷히고 (이선희)
18. 종이학 (전영록)
19. 미련 (장현)

&gt CD. 2
01. 먼훗날 (둘다섯)
02. 축제의 노래 (트윈폴리오)
03. 나그네 새 (손현희)
04. 촛불 (정태춘)
05. 사랑의 진실 (어니언스)
06. 철지난 바닷가 (전영록)
07. 어느날 문득 (이정선)
08. 청량리 부르스 (명혜원)
09. 젊음아 사랑아 (열대어)
10. 그대는 나는 (송골매)
11. 슬픔의 심로 (김학래)
12. 돌아오지 않는 강 (조용필)
13. 우리에겐 (노사연)
14. 밤에 떠난 여인 (하남석)
15. 이별노래 (이동원)
16. 슬픈 계절에 만나요 (백영규)
17. 사랑의 슬픔 (이치현)
18. 유리창엔 비 (햇빛촌)
19. 향수 (이동원)

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Music plaza is the best!

Great album amazing packaging and the freebies are high quality

Heavenly voice, lovely album!

This album is one of my all-time favorites! Every song is so pleasing and lovely to hear. Chen's voice is SO beautiful, it's impossible not to love this album! The packaging is so gorgeous too with a bookmark and photo card. EXO and Chen fans MUST buy this!

Gorgeous photobook!

This photobook was so beautiful! Every single photo is amazing and this photobook may be my favorite out of the three official photobooks EXO has released. This is a must-have for EXO-L's. The lenticular card and the postcard that came with it was equally as lovely, thank you so much MusicPlaza! Thank you for helping me fuel my love for EXO!

Great Album!

Album came super fast! I loved their concept for this album because its so different than what they normally have done. I was hoping for the Tzuyu lenticular and it was what I got!


Great album. Despite the fact that I had gotten a free digital copy of the album buying my ticket for their Chicago concert, I wanted to buy a physical copy anyways. Despite some people's thoughts about the theme of the photocards and such inside, I personally thought that they were all very well done and not about anything like what those people thought. Came well packaged and safe as is normal with Music Plaza!

If you didn't make it to one of the concerts, Kick It is even better live. (Personal view: )