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Arrived quickly and in great condition with cute freebies! I love it! TYSM<3


Came fast and perf, also came with goodies!!!! Thanks music plaza!


My mom is a huge bts fan and I decided to buy this as a Christmas gift! She absolutely loved it :) also it was shipped really quickly!

Soo cute

Love the album and photocard

Love it!

Love all the inclusions and this is one of the strongest debuts of 2020!

first time buying a seasons greeting...

Pleasantly surprised and happy with my purchase! I loved the astrology theme for the Wayv boys with all the glitter and neutral colors. Everything is great quality and well-made.


I ordered 2 albums to finish off my collection they came in PERFECT shape and came with goodies! Would I recommend this to you? Yes, indeed I would, SUPPORT SKZ!!!

Amazing album!!

Came in the with great packaging and there were no damages!
Love this album so much and love Music Plaza :)


Loved buying my albums from you guys😊my album came in great condition thank you👍🏼


The album arrived quickly, well packaged, and in perfect condition. The freebies were really cute and greatly appreciated. I'm glad I was able to get the limited ver.!


An absolutely beautiful album that arrived in great condition. This was my first purchase from here and I will definitely come back in the future.


The poster was packed so well to prevent damage so the poster came in such perfect condition. I couldn't be happier!

all the concepts are adorable & everything arrived in perfect condition

So Happy!

I got this album as a gift for myself along with an OT12 Butterfly era poster. They shipped together and both came in perfect condition! The package also included some freebees! A fanmade sticker sheet with Yeojin, Kim Lip, ViVi, and Heejin. Now my phone and planner are have some LOONA representation. I also got a double sided Why Not era Kim Lip and Hyunjin photocard. The album, of course, also came with a Chuu photocard. I'm not super big into all the official stuff besides the albums, but I'm a newer orbit, so I'm happy to grow my collection. I would recommend purchasing from music plaza and plan to do so again in the future. :)

Let's Get It!

I got Mark and Jinyoung for a friend, and JB, Jackson, and Youngjae for myself.


Actually matches well with the swimset

Truly an amazing album!

This is one the best albums I have owned. I love the song tracks and the photos as well!

Lock end Lol

I was looking for a copy of LOL since it's been out of stock, and I'm happy I was able to get a copy from MP. Arrived in good condition, and I eventually ordered a copy of LOCK in another order. Will be buying from MP again in the future.

Sweet find~

I was looking for Weme version which was out of stock on other stores, so I'm glad I found a copy on MP. Arrived mint fresh, great condition, and had nice photocard pulls. MP also sends you freebies in the package, though it's not necessary from the groups you ordered. Will be shopping with MP again in the future.

amazing as always!

fast shipping and great condition! also txt never disappoint with concepts and music

Always a favorite

Memories is always a favorite no matter the group so of course this isn't a disappointment. Always an absolute buy and a love!!

Very Good

This album is really nice to be sort of a side piece for a game, still love it and of course the photo concept for it as well! An absolute buy if you are an army, even if you think you don't need it lol.

Looked Everywhere

I looked everywhere for this album and so glad I finally found it and purchased immediately!! Love this so much and not disappointed in the shipping or packaging, perfect as always!