4 Weeks of Holidays Give Away

We wanted to thank you for being MP customers, so we prepared a give away for each weeks in December. Enter to win and stay tuned for more chances!

4 Weeks of Holidays Give Away Part 4/4

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Amazing 💖💖

I LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS ALBUM AND MORE😍 Super happy with my purchase and even though it took forever to ship out to me that when I finally received my order I was a happy ATINY 😍💖😍💖


I loved when I ordered my album that it came in great quality but the only thing was, even though I lived in California. My order took forever to ship and get here. Other than that I enjoyed my purchase from here and will order here in the future 💖

Beautiful album with a beautiful Jungkook Polaroid


omg it is impossible to express how much i love monsta x and how beautiful everything in this season's greetings is. it comes with a big beautiful calendar, a mirror, memo books and much much more. it is worth every penny and even though i won't be using any of it (i can't bring myself to write on any of it it's just too pretty) it is still a wonderful collector's item. even if you don't think you'll be using any of it it is still such a lovely thing for any monbebe to have. also-- shoutout to musicplaza for the freebies! every order is always delivered quickly, in perfect condition and with the cutest freebies :')