Check Out the New Release for U-KNOW's New Album "NOIR'

by Eric Chon on February 01, 2021



U-Know of TVXQ released his 2ND MINI ALBUM NOIR Thank U (Uncut Ver.) on February 1st, 2021. This time, the album cover showcases a noir-like fight scene.

In the recent albums released by SM Entertainment, there have been initial releases for the album, and a release for a 3rd, extra version to add onto the original versions available before.

In particular, as the album name "NOIR" derives from the French word meaning black, and one of the movie genres, it is composed of cinematic music expressing a man's deep feelings like that of a movie of various genres, following his first mini-album "True Colors."

Additionally, U-Know is gaining global popularity for his overwhelming charisma that captivates the stage through TVXQ and solo album activities, and is loved for his friendly and passionate characters in various entertainment programs.

Back in January 19th, U-know had two versions for his album, the Crank Up version as well as the Crank In, still available on our website here.

Posters for the previous versions can also be found here.

This new version will be in the form of a booklet which includes exclusive pictures of the Uncut Ver. Items that are included in the album are as follows: 1 CD-R, film strip that shows a scene of U-Know showing off his fighting skills, 1 of 5 album posters (random), 1 of 3 album postcards (random), and 1 of 2 album photo cards (random).


Be excited and on the look out for your pre-order! We will ship it our as soon as it is available.







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