2019 February Giveaway!

2019 February Giveaway!

February Giveaway

Here goes our first giveaway in 2019

7 lucky winners will receive a BT 21 Wireless charger!! (edition will be chosen in random basis)

Please check product detail  HERE

Entry will open for 2 weeks and drawing is a day after.

Comeback this page on Feb 18th for winner announcement.


** shipping to US only **


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we love a minecraft block <33 but like actually it’s so cute ppl are just mean ;( my cat tried biting the shrek ears so i think he likes it too


I love the photobook and photocards! They're so beautiful. I think this album is definitely worth the money. The songs are amazing!

Love it!

I got versions 3 and 4 and I LOVE THEM! thank you! they come very fast!


The album arrived in good time. There has been lot snow where I am and my mail service had a delay. Even with snow it arrived in good time! The posters did come a week later but that was fine. They are pretty!

The albums! WHERE TO BEGAN! I LOVE THE PACKAGING! The photo book is nice quality! If you like nature and plants THIS PHOTO BOOK IS FOR YOU! Its so pretty! As a person that loves plants and nature I love it!

It come with this box envelope. That had a group photo postcard. Postcard size photos of each band member. A sticker sheet. A small lyric booklet that had a member on it. (it was random). Then last of all It come with 4 photo cards! (also random)

I was shocked that these albums came with SO MUCH stuff! I am so glade I got both versions of All Light! I really think this album is Astro's best one yet!

Thank you so much! And thank you for the small gift. The album came in ti.e and good condition I recommended my friends. Went I was in California and went to the store and found amazing CD's and merchandise.