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I absolutely love this because I love Stray Kids! Definitely a great addition to the collection. Came packaged nicely as always!


Showed up in great condition. Nothing bent or damaged at all. Thank you!

Tiny Boxes of Joy

Every time I place an order my wallet cries, but nothing beats the joy it gives me when my package(s) arrive!

As Always prefect

Music Plaza is without a doubt the best US store to buy from, quick shipping, great packing to ensure no damage, not to mention the free stickers and usually a pob even if you don't preorder.

preorder madness

I preordered the photobook the day before it was released, I got it one week later. Thank you Music Plaza for always having such quick shipping!

Perfect 🫧🫧🫧

Music Plaza never disappoints. Can’t wait for the concert 💕


Literally perfect, came SO quick

One of my Favorites! :)

I have been a quiet fan of Kim Se-Jeong for awhile. I love all of her songs/albums that she has released. By far though, this might be one of my favorite albums. Every song is really good, and very different. Her voice is very versatile as well, and it fits every song’s vibe so much. :) It’s what I like most about her. Definitely going to have this album as one of my repeats. 🥹💕 세정 언니 화이팅! ^^

5 star!!

cute digipack!! love the photo cards too!!


cute album!! comes with a lot of inclusions and has such a pretty photo shoot concept!


i love how many photo cards these come with!! perfect for collectors and i recommend these for people who love collecting pcs!

cutest album ever

this album is adorable and unique!! i love that it’s a bag and that it comes with so many inclusions!!

Amazing Lightstick!!

This lightstick is adorable and arrived safely!! I love all the settings on it!


shipping had zero issues and arrived in perfect condition! the album itself is pretty cool and just has a fund vibe overall. love it!!

Great Quality!

Got this album as a gift for my sister. She loved it and everything was in great condition. It also shipped quickly.


I opened up my Leeseo jewel case and actually pulled Leeseo! I feel so lucky!!!


I got my Loossemble album earlier today and everything was in perfect condition. Can’t wait to listen to it!

amazing, wonderful, life-altering

i'm genuinely in constant awe of key's creativity. this album design is so cool, i can't get over it!! the album is so detailed and unique, i'm really happy to have it in my collection!