Jazz / New Age

이루마 Yiruma Fist Love / piano collection


이루마 Yiruma First Love-리패키지 앨범


이루마 Yiruma Nocturnal Lights...they scatter


이루마 Yiruma Destiny of Love


이루마 Yiruma Love Scene / piano solo


이루마 Yiruma Live at Hoam Art Hall


이루마 Yiruma Poemusic


Yiruma | 이루마 | The Very Best of Yiruma - Yiruma & Piano


Saxophone Gold | 색소폰 골드 | 조용필, 나훈아, 이미자 (3 CD)

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I’m now concert ready thanks to Music Plaza!!

I love it!

Can't wait to see Nct in San Jose! The lightstick is actually really pretty in real life.

Real Army Bomb

This is the REAL DEAL! I had a bad experience with Amazon and ended up getting a fake one which was really upsetting. When I heard that MusicPlaza had reals ones, I was so happy and immediately ordered one! It's definitely worth getting your Army Bomb here. It makes me feel a lot better to know that each one is checked to make sure that they work. It's also a lot cheaper than buying it off Amazon.

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Promptly responded to my question and delivered as promised. My experience with Musicplaza was very pleasant. Definitely I'll purchase again from them.

Perfect Army Bomb!!!

Its my first Army Bomb and I'm extremely satisfied with it. Works perfectly and can't wait to use it at the concert!!