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Arrived quickly and In perfect condition!!!


It didn’t take long to come in and it was in perfect condition! It looks amazing. Thank you so much!

An R&B and Neo Soul treat with frosty undertones

This mini album which is just over 20 minutes long was a very easy and enjoyable listen.
The music is rich and the production quality excellent. When we talk about "real music" this is as real as it can get. The richness of sounds from the piano and the guitar blend together perfectly and mix well with Eddy's silky RnB vocal style. Musically, it reminds me of the American artist Maxwell.
The photo book is visually copacetic and reflects more on the autumnal and distant feelings in the lyrics rather than the bright and intimate mood created by the music.
Lyrically Eddy Kim is quite honest and blunt, in all the songs seeming to express a kind of admiration from a distance rather than really getting to know she who may have inspired the song.
His words speak of a non-committal passive sort of play at love rather than love itself, which perhaps is just an earmark of our generation.
Perhaps this is not a fair representation of all his songs and in others feelings better approached and explored. The music and the vocals are so absolutely gorgeous together and seem to call out for intimacy. However for me what hurt this album was that there was no sense of longing or desire or the joy of being with someone in any of the words, which is what left me feeling a bit cold by the end of the album. The words of "Miles Apart" itself are so apathetic and indifferent, I feel sorry for this hypothetical girl I've never met (he even refers to their relationship as a "nonsense love", ouch).
I still gave 5 stars because musically it is beautiful.


I can’t wait to break this out in Aug! It’ll be my third time seeing my ULT group ♥️ going to be picking up at store and most likely get more goodies ❤️

Real Army Bomb!

Bought my first, official Army Bomb from here and it really works. I cried when I opened it. Super cool that they check the Bluetooth feature before sending it to you. I really appreciated that. I will definitely purchase more products from Music Plaza.